The office of the future

A recent article in Director magazine gives a compelling overview of the latest thinking in workplace design, citing The Zig Zag Building as one of the star examples.

“The workplace revolution is coming, and it goes without saying that any forward-thinking organisation should embrace rather than resist it. But how?”

That is the question posed by a fascinating article by Nick Scott in Director magazine (June 2014), featuring input from Richard Kauntze, the chief executive of the British Council of Offices.

The article cites some of the latest research into workplace productivity by The Wall Street Journal and performance consultancy the iOpener Institute, which concludes that “basic happiness makes workers more productive – 36 per cent more motivated in their work”. It goes on to talk about how “forward-thinking companies are now briefing architects to design new workplaces with this philosophy in mind”, before citing The Zig Zag Building as one of the latest examples.

“A far more sophisticated approach to employee comfort and contentment is clearly becoming de rigueur. Land Securities’ Zig Zag building in Victoria, London, for example, has intelligent zonal control for lighting, heating and cooling so that it adjusts to employees’ personal requirements.”

The article concludes:

“It would seem that, when it comes to how our workspaces will change in the coming years, business leaders might do well to heed the sage words of John F Kennedy: ‘Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.’”

We would certainly agree with that – it’s exactly the attitude behind our ‘Powerful machines for better business’ initiative.

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